Classes are taught according to the level of the students ability that are in the class. If you need an easier variation of a pose, you will get one. If you want to be more challenged, that will be available as well.

All classes are steeped in a tradition which honors the inherent goodness of each individual, uses universal principles of alignment to bring each of us into the poses with greater ease and therapeutic benefit. This helps us find the deeper meaning in our yoga practice.




Private, Therapeutic and On-Site Classes by appointment





  • $84 for 12 class punch card (valid for 90 days)

Punch cards have twelve classes on them and are good for 90 days. You need to come at least once a week to make the punch card a viable option. Otherwise, the drop in rate applies. You are welcome to join at any time, like today!

  • $12 drop in


  • $60/hour private


Gift Certificates are Available!



"This that we have now

is what grapes are wanting

when they turn into wine."




Hope to See You Soon!


You can email Bee at or call 920-915-9642 for more information or for booking.