Why Yoga with Bee


yoga classBee makes yoga come alive for me. She gently encourages me to do my best, is thorough in her instruction, and is very knowledgeable of Yoga. My world, my health, my breathing continue to improve through yoga. Thanks, Bee.

--Jane Z.


Bee has a thorough knowledge of yoga and anatomy and pays close attention to alignment.
She pushes her students to do their personal best with kindness and humor.
Each class is different-keeping things fresh and exciting.
I have been practicing yoga with B for 15 years and find that I am a much more grounded and peaceful person. My flexibility, core strength, and awareness have vastly improved.

--Mory W.


In each class Bee combines instruction on proper alignment with individual attention to each student which helps me to deepen in the poses and enhances the experience of the practice.
I enjoy the combination of chanting, singing and meditation which are a part of each class.
While each class is structured around the same basic elements, the theme or focus of the class changes each time.  I enjoy the variety of the classes.
Bee has nurtured a wonderful sense of community in our yoga classes. We all enjoy coming to class and spending time with each other.
Bee plans the daily practice with the abilities and physical limitations of the students in the class in mind.  She encourages the use of props and reminds us to modify poses if necessary to avoid injury.
Bee's top priority in class is that students stay injury free.
New people are warmly welcomed and encouraged by other class members.


yoga classI do yoga with Bee because it takes care of me, all of me: body, mind and spirit. I get a moderate workout, some centering meditation, and leave relaxed and at peace. When I don't go to class I miss it. Bee is deeply knowledgeable, respectful, and encourages us to listen to the wisdom of our own bodies. She teaches us to move from the core with the breath, to come to the poses from the inside out, to acknowledge the wise deep spirit flowing under the sometimes choppy surface of our lives. Outside of class I still hear Bee's voice reminding me of the principles of alignment, as I stand in line or drive the car or sit at the computer. Her classes are varied -- we never quite know what will come next or what the pace of class will be (though it is never so forced or fast that we would hurt ourselves). It keeps the practice fresh and shows us the many possibilities of yoga. I value the camaraderie of the other students, the supportive and welcoming atmosphere of class, where we may laugh together or cry together, where people inquire after someone who is absent, where we know we are all doing the best we can with the imperfect bodies we have been given. And hey, it's not so hot in the room that I feel faint, and we often get to sing together. What's not to like?

-- S.G